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Privacy Policy

At medication4uk.com we treat the privacy of our customer database with the utmost seriousness and highest importance. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal. And, we take strict measures to fulfil that. We want to reassure you that everything you share we us is in safe hands. It won't be misused, shared, rented, loaned, or sold against your wishes or abused by us, our employees, or our associates. We fully comply with and uphold all current data privacy laws and regulations as specified in the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and adhere to industry guidelines corresponding to the proper use of data collection and usage practices.

Please note: our policies may change or be updated occasionally, sometimes with little or no notice. To ensure you fully understand the latest version, visit this page frequently . Ideally, check it every time you access the website.

This policy is designed to explain:

  • The type of information we collect
  • How we store your data
  • How we use cookies
  • What we do with your data
  • Steps taken to ensure data is held securely
  • If we disclose data and with whom
  • Your right to access this data

Who controls your data

You can contact us at support@medication4uk.com. We are committed to respecting website visitors and customers and protecting their personal information. You should read our privacy policies carefully before using our website and by doing so, legally, you acknowledge and are bound by these terms and confirming you agree with them going forward.

What data do we collect?

At medication4uk.com we collect identifiable and non-identifiable data. This includes data voluntarily provided by you, including information from questionnaires or surveys carried out for research purposes, forms, subscriptions and requests, transactions and order fulfilment, and signup details such as name, delivery address, email address, date of birth, medical notes, GP details, payment details and order history. When using your device when accessing our website, we may passively or automatically collect information for advertising or security purposes. This can include the type of device - eg, Samsung, Huwaweii, Apple, Nokia, etc, the device identifier - IMEI or MAC address of the wireless interface, the network information - such as BT broadband or Vodafone 3G network, the browser - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc, your IP address and HTTP referrer, the timezone (GMT/EST or others) and the operating system. We may also collect data about you from other sources we work with, such as business partners, delivery services, advertising networks, analytics or search engine providers, banks, credit reference agencies or others.

How we use your data

We may use your data to ensure content reaches you in the most suitable manner for your computer or mobile device, to provide you with additional products, features, or services that may interest you, to notify you of changes to terms of services, to carry out market research or other marketing purposes, and to meet obligations of any contracts you enter with us. We may promote third parties on our website, including advertisers, affiliates, or others. If you click these links, you should be aware that these sites have their own policies and you should check these thoroughly before using their service, as we are not accountable for this.

How we use cookies

We rely cookies to distinguish between different users and provide them with a better browsing experience on our platform. This includes, but isn't limited to personalised advertising campaigns, helpful tips and recommendations, and enhanced functionality. These cookies are small pieces of data stored on your device. You can withdraw consent to cookies at any time by disabling or deleting them through your web browser settings.

Where your data is stored

All data held by medication4uk.com is stored within the European Economic Area (EEA) and all our storage suppliers are compliant with GDPR regulations. We check this data will be handled responsibly before we engage in cooperating with them. By using our website, you are agreeing to these terms and consenting to us or our partners storing or processing your information. All data will be stored on our constantly monitored servers that are protected by firewalls and payment data is processed through an encrypted payment gateway. We will not share any passwords or card details, but in cases of fraud, unauthorised logins, or security breaches, we take no liability. You should contact the relevant authority and follow their procedures.

How we protect your data

We respect your right to privacy and always aim to provide clear, honest, accurate information about the information you provide us. We do this by using the minimum required data. We only collect data that’s essential to provide services, carry out regular reviews of our processes, and ensure adequate monitoring of security. Your monetary transactions are processed through an aSSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected database and will not be available to third parties. We will work solidly and tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure your interests are consistently and maticulously upheld.

When we might share your data

We may disclosure some of your order information with third-parties, including couriers - this enables us to successfully deliver your product. These companies are not authorised to share this data. Additionally, we might be required to share your data to meet legal obligations with regards to fraud prevention, credit risk reduction, identity verification, or law enforcement. If we suspect fraud or illegal or criminal activity, information may be recorded and shared with the relevant enforcement agency. We take a zero tolerance approach to cyber crime. We may also monitor communications from time-to-time for quality, training, and compliance purposes. We won't send SPAM or unnecessary emails which may irritate you. We will only send marketing or sales material if you subscribe for newsletters or notifications and updates.

Your right to access information

As per GDPR regulations, you have the right to request your data isn't used for marketing purposes. You can communicate this preference by selecting this option on your account and checking or unchecking the boxes as necessary. You can also exercise this right by writing to us at support@medication4uk.com and requesting your details be removed from our database. Under DPA, you have the right to access data we hold about you. To do this, write to us and we will respond within 28 days.

Changes to your data

If you find your data is incorrect or inaccurate and you would like this updated, contact our support staff. If you would like to discontinue using our service, contact us and we can suspend, delete, or deactivate your account and remove your data from our systems. In these cases, your account will become inactive immediately and data will be archived and unaccessible. This action cannot be reversed. We welcome further queries regarding our privacy policy, and you can contact us to discuss this. If you fail to get the answers you're looking for or feel we haven’t dealt with your concerns to your satisfaction, you are entitled to raise this with the UK data regulator - the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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