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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist you:

What is erectile dysfunction?

Problems with failing to get or with sustaining an erection can occur when there's inadequate blood flowing to the penis. This situation is erectile dysfunction (ED) - a surprisingly widespread condition, especially in men aged 40 to 70, although it does affect younger men. It’s usually nothing serious. In fact, one Harvard University study found 50 per cent of men over forty experienced some degree of ED, with 10% reporting a total inability to have erections without medical help causing knocked confidence and feelings or inadequacy.

What causes ED?

Cases of ED are often reported with no apparent or obvious causes. However, some suspected reasons for its occurrence are physical problems like injuries, diseases like raised cholesterol or blood pressure, or diabetes, side effects of certain types of medicines or mental health issues like depression, stress, PTSD, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, and others. Other times, environmental factors like smoking, drinking and poor diet come into play. Or there can be psychological or emotional barriers like low confidence, difficulties relaxing or basic fatigue or tiredness. It’s usually a combination of multiple factors to blame for ED, which can quickly become a debilitating and embarrassing condition requiring a multidimensional hoslistic response.

How do ED pills work?

The various ED oral drugs contain a slightly different chemical makeup and minor differences that affect how they work, but they induce a similar response in the body. At their core, erections are objectively determined by blood flow. When arousal hits, the brain releases hormones that relax the arteries, speeding up blood flow. ED medications work by interfering with the chemical process in the body that allows blood to flow away from the erect penis. The chemicals responsible for this are PDE-5 inhibitors - or phosphodiesterases enzymes. When there’s a shortage of this enzyme, erections can be short-lived or inadequate. Medication can increase these levels and bring them up in your favour, while enhancing nitrate salts - inducing relaxation and slackening of muscular tissue and blood vessels.

Can pills cure ED?

There’s a big misconception that ED drugs can magically remedy the condition altogether. This is untrue, and to avoid disappointment, it’s vital to know the facts. ED drugs provide quick relief physically, but they can’t miraculously switch on an erection. You need to be sexually stimulated through foreplay or other methods. If taken correctly, ED is around 70% effective in otherwise healthy men. But, these results vary. For instance, a 65 year old whose arteries or nerves are damaged by prostate surgery might see less noticeable results than a 45-year-old in perfect health.

Which ED pills are best?

For new patients, knowing which ED pills are most effective can be confusing and challenging. Sildenafil is usually a go-to primary choice for doctors as it’s been on the market the longest. Plus, the interactions and side effects are widely known. However, which is right for you is an individual and very personal decision. You need to consider the components of each drug to assess suitability, and think about your lifestyle and budget.

How long do ED pills last?

The duration of the effects of each pill depends on the type of medication, dosage, your maturity and body size, metabolism, and many other factors. Different drugs break down at different speeds once they enter the body. In general and on average, generic and branded Viagra lasts 4-6 hours, as does Vardenafil and Kamagra and Tadalafil. Cialis lasts 24-36 hours. If the dosage and medication type is correct, it should be enough to last a complete cycle of intercourse.

Will I need a prescription?

Unlike gaining these drugs on the NHS, we allow you to buy the products you need without a prescription. Waiting for a doctor’s appointment is time consuming. And visiting a pharmacy can be a nuisance. We provide a reliable alternative to this process. We've helps millions of buyers confidently pickup medicine without hesitation.

Are there any side effects?

Erectile dysfunction medication can cause side effects. These are usually mild, and can include headaches, flushing, eye dryness, nasal or sinus congestion, diarrhea, stomach upset, or a rash. For some, there can be rarer, more serious side effects ranging from cloudy, bloody urine, tingling or numbness of feet or hands, infection, visual sensitivity, risk of permanent penal damage from prolonged erections, or sudden drops in blood pressure. In these cases, seek immediate medical advice - phone NHS service 111, speak to their doctor, or in emergencies ring for an ambulance or visit a hospital. There are some medications that can interact with certain types of ED drugs. For further info on this and possible side effects, check the instructions booklet inside the packaging before commencing treatment.

Are there medications for women?

Although most of our products are for men, we also sell Lovegra - aka the pink pill - which is suitable for women. This drug increases lubrication in the vagina and can be effective in treating women suffering from low sex drive or decreased sexual desire - which is much more common during and after menopause.

How do I store the medication?

Like all medication, it’s important to store correctly to ensure longevity and effectiveness. We recommend storing out of reach of children and pets. Store away from heat and moisture - ideally on the top shelf of a secure cupboard that’s dark, cool and dry. Always read the leaflet as this should contain further advice on storage.

Why are generic products cheaper than the originals?

Generic products are often cheaper than household names. This is down to the manufacturer of each product and pricing is determined by demand, operating costs, supply chains, and management and director decisions. This doesn’t reflect on the quality of products, and generic options contain the same active ingredients. Equally, you must consider the price. This is a personal choice. If unsure, always get medical advice.

Are there any discounts available?

We are customer centered and provide impossible to beat, unmatched discounts on many products and run frequent promotions in our online shop, helping us stand out from the crowd. These vary, and for further information, browse our product pages. Here, you will find costings along with delivery details for our items for sale.

Is the service fully confidential?

Our service is boasts complete confidentiality from start to finish, and our packaging will always be discreet. Any compromising information will remain secret and we won’t share it with any stranger or third party - this includes your order history. Orders are sent through post or courier services with plain, unmarked packaging and the reference that appears on your bank statements won’t show product names that would be a clue to the medication you’ve purchased.

Where can I get further advice?

Please note: at medication4uk.com we do not provide medical consultations or advice. If you have concerns, talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or urologist. Alternatively, many sexual health clinics offer walk-in services where you can obtain sound advice. They can also provide tests or DIY testing kits sometimes. We cannot diagnose any physical conditions, but we can provide you with treatment options quickly. For info on products, prices, delivery, or other queries, contact our customer services team via email or using our contact form.

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