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At medication4uk.com we know that time is precious. That's why we aim for a seamless, fast, highly convenient shipping process with less stress.

Here's what the process entails:

When will it be delivered?

Once the payment stage is complete, your order will be shipped within 24-72 hours with guaranteed confidential delivery and the promise of discreet invoicing. Regular or standard delivery will take roughly 7-21 days. Express delivery is a faster option and takes about 5-7 days to arrive. All orders are dispatched within the previously mentioned time frame and we take no responsibility for losses during transit.

Quality control and security

At medication4uk.com we take ensure our products are of high quality and safety by using reputable suppliers. We supply verified, lab approved branded and generic products with trademarks where applicable. Our online store includes secure end-to-end encryption so no third party can access delicate information.

If your order is late

If your order hasn’t been delivered within the above timescale, it’s possible the address of the destination is unreachable. If delivery is taking longer than expected, please contact the courier to see if there’s a reason for this. If we find this is our error, we aim to correct this ASAP.

What courier service is used?

The delivery company, shipping costs, and delivery slots for your order will depend on the method of delivery you have selected and the companies available in your country and region. We have no affiliation to these companies - therefore, for further information including terms and conditions, contact them directly.

Delivery for large orders

Your business is extremely important to us and because we appreciate loyalty and long-term custom, larger orders are given special delivery terms. This means any order that’s equal to or exceeds the equivalent of 200 euros (always check conversion rates for local currency) will qualify for free delivery.

Tracking your order status

You can monitor the progress of your order by typing your unique tracking number into https://www.17track.net/. This number should be activated within 24-48 hours of confirmed active order status. Acknowledgment of this is sent to your email address shortly after placing an order. You should always wait until your status is confirmed before raising any queries or complaints,

What if your product is damaged?

In the rare event that your product is delivered damaged, foremost, we offer our sincerest apologies for this oversight. If this happens, contact us via email as soon as possible and attach a photo or video evidence of the goods in question. If there is visible, serious damage, we may send the same product for free to compensate for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate error.

Customs fees

In some cases, customs may withhold items and request that custom duties are paid in full before releasing and delivering them to their final destination. If this happens, you will receive a letter from your country’s customs body requesting payment. Here, you can request to ignore the notice and refuse delivery. The package will be returned to us - you can then contact customer services and we will send another package ASAP at no additional cost.

How to raise a query

Our mission is to provide you with a no nonsense service that’s, error free and efficient from start to finish. However, if you have any queries about any aspect of our business, including products, invoicing, delivery, or anything else, please contact our customer services department by email or using our contact form at medication4uk.com. If your query relates to shipping, contact the courier in control. Their details are on your confirmation email.

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